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Quality Inspection Equipments

  • We are able to provide complete reliable test
    reports for FAI in process and PPAP with each shipment.

Machining Quality inspection Equipments

  • Design Quality Assurance
    We control the quality starting from the product design and our machining precision can reach to 3μm. To control well the first gate of the quality.Specification in Process should be practiced for all products.

  • First Article is measured by roundness test, surface
    roughness test, and CMM according to the time schedule.To control well the second gate of the quality.

  • Complete Incoming Quality Control, First Article Inspection,Operator Self-quality Control, In-Process Inspection and Final Inspection. Each shipping lot would be inspected according to MIL-STD-105E S-1 AQL=1.5% level. The
    Final Inspection Report will be submitted along with each
    shipment for customers.

  • IC Star can make the precision of the volume machining products in common as required. We can make excellent quality, offer competitive price and cooperation capability.

No. Process Capability Spec.
1. Straightness 0.002mm
2. Flatness 0.001mm
3. Roundness 0.001mm
4. Cylindricity 0.001mm
5. Perpendicularity 0.003mm
6. Parallel 0.002mm
7. Concentricity 0.003mm
8. Run out 0.003mm
9. Roughness 0.2μm
  First Article inspection Roughness Tester
Coordinate Measurement Machine(CMM) Roundness Tester Projector
Self-quality inspection Floating inspection Final inspection


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